Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Oyama Lake in the Okanagan

Oyama Lake

Also check out Oyama Lake Resort, great place!

Oyama Lake is one of the most intriguing lakes in the Okanagan. It is a hidden little jewel, and very beautiful. It has 27 islands, so there are many places to explore and many Shoals. Over the years of fishing this Lake, it has become one of my favorite places close to Kelowna.

One of the purposes of my blog is to share the different adventures I have had, and flies that I used as I have visited these lakes. Hopefully this will help someone planning a trip to the Okanagan.

The road up to Oyama Lake is a steep climb, because it is at a high elevation. But you are able to make it in a two wheel drive no problem. About the Lake, it is unique with its many islands. There are many different depths, there are deep sections of 60+ feet at both ends of the Lake. Plus some shallow plateaus, many inlets and areas with lily pads.

Oyama Lake, being at the top of the ridge can tend to have windy days. This can be worked around by the many islands. This year I went up in late August and early September. We did good trolling with the full sinking line out, with pumpkin head (woolly bugger), minnow patterns, and a little pattern called Alexandra. A good friend of mine named Larry, caught a beauty, 17+ inches on this pattern. We were fishing the Southwest end of the lake. Here some pictures of these flies.

Pumpkin head woolly bugger

Caddis dry

  I love some of the dry fly action that you can get from July to September in the mountain lakes of the Okanagan. My friend Larry has taught me the value of using the caddis dry fly, and the fun you can have and casting to the rises. This has to be the ultimate when it comes to catching rainbow's. Here is an example of one I caught using the caddis at Oyama.

Another pattern that has worked well is the Doc Spratley . Had success using this fly in the summer. Thanks Alex 

Doc Spratley